Best Places to Visit in China- Unexplored Views by a Traveller

China, the fastest developing country of the world is not only best in providing great products but also have some of the unique and ancient elegant places for travelers. You will be amazed by the busy streets and technologies, the accommodations and living standards but despite all, the rich ancient culture and soothing relaxed environment are only in China. The astounding Great Wall of China, Terracotta army or Li River and The Bund are perfect locations to make some good memories with your families and friend. So, if you’re planning your vacations in China don’t forget to miss these 8 places to enjoy China the fullest.

Some of the best places to visit in china in your next tour

The Imperial Palace, Beijing

Kept at no 1 in the list of best places to visit in China, situated in the capital Beijing, the Imperial Palace aka Forbidden City is one of the predominant collections of buildings in China. Build during 1270-1370, this whole small city is covered with gleaming golden color. There are various major attractions like Golden River Bridges, the Hall of Harmony, the imperial throne, Imperial Museums which holds some of the ancient weapons and arts. You need a whole day to cover 720K sq. m. Here the photo point is statues and buildings of famous academy award-winning film “The Last Emperor”.

The Great Wall of China

Made with the purpose to protect the country, The Great wall of China is among 7-wonders of the world. Easily reachable from Beijing by private or public buses, The Great Wall connects east to west and spread over 5500+ Kms. Many sections of the wall are demolished naturally, but the best-preserved part can be experienced from Mutianyu or Gubeikou. The average height of walls is 6-10meters and has 4-5meters width. The fortress is built in between sections which may be opened for tourists depending on time and seasons.

The Summer Palace

This is the one of the best places to visit in China to witness the Imperial Gardens and ancient culture. Situated in north-west side, 20min from of Beijing, this palace is spread over large acres and requires almost half a day for exploring it completely. There are various activities to do rather than sightseeing such as boating on Lake Kunming, Corridor walk and the most favorite Chinese act performance in ancient theatre.  Most preferable season to explore the palace is summer, so don’t miss the chance of witnessing the mark and culture of 6+ dynasties here.

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Li River

Li River aka Li Jiang is in the north-east part of the Guangxi Zhuang region. Li River is unbeatable in provide magnificent and appealing scenery. Beautifully green fields nearby the river and all together in the lap of sky-touching mountains make this place picturesque. Travelers usually take a cruise ride till Yangshuo to explore the Li River, but options of bamboo rafting are also available by locals which are more adventurous. Tourist usually spends 2-3 days near it and stays in village hotels which serves traditional Chinese meals. Check Appvalley Online here.

Never missed places to visit in China

The Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is one of China’s great archaeological achievements. It is in Xi’an, 12hours from Beijing and is spread over 6+ acres. There are sculptures of 8000+ real size men, 100 chariots and 500+ horses standing in sequence in various giants’ underground pits. History says that these were made to protect the first Imperial king of China Qin Shi Huang in 210BC. You must add this place to your list when visiting china and go for Emperor Qin Shi Museum and parks. 

The Potala Palace

Located in Tibet, The Potala Palace was the home of several Dalai Lama. Built at an altitude of 3600m in Lhasa valley in 7th century, the Palace still have many undisturbed monuments and architecture from that time. The palace compromises of other places such as the red palace and white palace in which the white one includes the quarters and living areas of Dalai Lama whereas red one has complex architecture rooms for ceremony and teachings. The Potala Palace is also in the UNESCO list of the world heritage site and every year thousands of Buddhist and pilgrims come to visit this sacred place.

Shanghai’s Promenade

To get some busy city experience besides Ancient culture and history the Shanghai’s Promenade area is best to visit. Located near Huangpu River of Pudong area in Shanghai this 2.5km long area will impress you with its scenery, buildings, ships and The Bund. The Bund area covers various new British styled houses and preserved French and Europeans apartments and buildings. There is a pedestrian area by which tourists covers the Bund region. Except these, all the Oriental Pearl Tower is most popular which provides aesthetic views of gardens and city from the height of 468m.

Giant Panda Base, Chengdu

This is one of the wonderful places to visit in china is Giant Panda Base, Chengdu this is not just special for wildlife lovers but for family also. Your trip to China will be incomplete without experiencing cute giant Pandas jumping and climbing on you. The Research Base of Giant Pandas is in Chengdu which is 4hr from Beijing. The base gives the tourist opportunities to observe the daily life of Pandas and spent an unforgettable time with them. Tourist can also involve in caring activities. You should visit the base in the morning time and feed these friendly Pandas with your hands. Check here for news information

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