Catering for a Successful Summer Party

Catering is a booming business and finding a successful Kolkata best caterer can be extremely difficult. Especially when it’s for a warm summer party or bash you are planning. However, once you have found a caterer for your party, you should check that the catering company is keeping a lookout for the following ideas:

Mission One: The Theme of the Party

It’s sunny within the country and getting closer and closer to the vacations, so be happy to experiment and throw a little caution to the wind. Halloween, Different Pujas, and Christmas along with New Year’s Eve are right round the corner, so attempt to consider food that you simply wouldn’t be serving then! The theme can include music, décor, food, and ambiance. Consider your budget and your guests, then get to brainstorming. Some themes you'll be able to help your caterer choose:

  • An All-Indian cookout
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Caribbean
  • Gourmet pizza party

Mission Two: Who’s coming?

Menu planning and party preparation rely heavily on one thing: what's the head count of people who are attending the event? There’s an enormous difference when it involves five people versus twenty-five. Knowing how many number of people are attending, their individual dietary restrictions then on can make or break the large event. If someone has an allergy, be accommodating! Gluten and dairy-free options are mainstream now.

Mission Three: To Hire a Caterer or Not

If it’s not a potluck, where most are bringing an individual dish, it’s an honest idea to call knowledgeable caterer like Kolkata Caterers to assist out together with your big party. They have a huge menu potential and may assist you with ideas which will take the pressure off you or your company. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen and therefore the supermarket.

You ought to be spending time on socializing and ensuring everything is running smoothly with the event management! We’ll confirm to show heads with our professional full-service catering and gourmet food choices. Fresh fruit platters, roasted shrimp cocktails, and grilled vegetable platters are just a couple of the choices to settle on from when planning your Hors d’oeuvres. If you’re attending a potluck yourself, be the guest with the simplest (platter, that is) and choose Kolkata Caterers.

Mission four: Location of the Party

Its India… you recognize how it is. If it’s an outdoor location, make certain to be prepared with cold foods (on ice), fans, and much of hydration. Summer is the hottest time of year, and India is not any exception. Keep yourself and your guests hydrated. Confirm to possess food covers and plastic or glass lids to keep the Florida bugs out of your food! 

Mission five: Cleaning Up

No one likes cleaning up, which is why Kolkata Caterers offer full-service Catering. From delivery to service to clean-up, we will do 100% of the work and take 100% of the strain off of your shoulders. If you select to wash up yourself, there are a couple of tips we would wish to share with you.

Disposable plates and silverware provide a simple out of washing the dishes. If you're not looking to risk your plate-ware, plastic plates are an excellent alternative, especially at an outdoor location with children involved.

Big, barrel-sized trash bins round the party can help tremendously with the cleanup. If the large trash cans are in easy to see locations, like round the food tents and eating areas, it can reduce pack up time and make your life a touch easier.

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