Dubai Real Estate Perspective: Predictions Regarding Dubai Residential Property

The Abu Dhabi government is going to put the Dubai Estate market into overdrive. How come? There are many factors. The at hand Dubai Expo 2020 marks the start of listing factors followed by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s. After it, it is announcements from the Prime Minister on the one hand and those of the Vice President of the UAE on the other hand. The 5-year plan is to bring 50 goals for Dubai. These omens show that development will be the order of the day in Dubai. 

What is more, no fewer than 50,000 residential units are to shine in the Dubai estate horizon in 2020. Developers have felt the pulse of the estate market demand by shifting to affordable residing solutions from luxury villas and apartments. A growing number of estate investors find UAE’s off-plan property sector more attractive than before. 

Forecasting the estate market trend is quite tricky. 2020 is to add maximum real estates to the Dubai property sector. There is an expectation that further 50,000 accommodations are to emerge in the market. 2020 is to set a precedent regarding the property and rental values on the universal principle of demand and supply. The following lines portray what one should look for in residential units in 2020 in Dubai.

A Market Of To Let Apartments 

UAE expects that the Dubai Expo 2020 will bring 20,000,000 visitors in two quarters of 2020. Hotels will attract some visitors, while apartments featuring short-term lease will attract visitors staying long. Hence, people fancying the Dubai estate market should invest to harvest the rental gains. Though the abundance of accommodation has taken the edge off monthly rental gains, yet the high demand for rent-able property is in the air. The high return projection is bound to color the Investing decisions as prudent. 

The Tenant Situation 

Plentiful housing solutions are set to transform the rental market into a tenants’ one. Proper keep-up of rental property is the chief concern of landlords, with literally no exception. Besides, they want their immovable assets in reach, in a good neighbourhood, and equipped with modern facilities a tenant would require. Falling back upon property management can increase the return.

A Change Of Heart Amongst Developers

The recent months show that developers are switching from lavish housing solutions to affordable ones. Providing affordable accommodation is the driving force here. The continuity of this shift is to consolidate owning the property trend and shadow that of renting. Data Finder finds residential units getting 14% more transactions than the past year.  

Shining REST

It is another feather to the cap of Dubai Land Department adds a new feather to its cap by launching a new and smart platform. Dubai Land Department christens it Real Estate Self Transaction, that is, REST. REST beneficiaries will be landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers. REST would facilitate selling, buying and renting online. REST would shed the documentation load and blend efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the estate transactions in Dubai. Convenience will be the hallmark of property transactions in Dubai. 

The Buyers’ Figure is Increasing

The Dubai estate market is set to register new housing solutions in a plentiful manner; what is more, this increase won’t dent the price factor. There are reasons. For instance, property transaction official charge of 4% has been halved into 2%, which is to bolster estate sale and purchase. Dubai expects some Dubai Expo spectators might settle down or look for work. This projection shows the Dubai real estate might grow more attractive. 

The Upward Movement in Off-Plan Properties 

The figure of investors fancying the UAE off-Plan property market is growing. Some fine examples of venues to invest in UAE off-plant estate world are Jumeirah Village Circle and Lake Towers, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina. No wonder, investor find various deferred payment plans joined by lucrative deals almost irresistible.  

The Charm of the Golden Visa

The UAE government is harnessing Golden Visa to increase gains in the economy field in general and the property market in particular. Foreign students, investors, professionals like doctor and engineers, artist and even extra-ordinary students can avail this residency visa with a 10-year validity. The Golden Visa application count has surpassed the six thousand mark in the first week after announcing the Golden Visa. This UAE residency visa shall shore up the UAE property market.

Dubai government’s steps regarding infrastructure, development and growth, further initiatives, and regulations are capable of raising the investor’s confidence. This confidence boost will help the Dubai property market to gain ground. As buyers will flock to Dubai, its property world will grow more fruitful.

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