How Many Days Should You Spend in Key West?

How Many Days Should You Spend in Key West?

If you haven't heard about Key West or never thought of traveling there, we would have to paint you as a liar. Key West is a micro-island situated in southern Florida, mainly known for its sprawling beaches, colonial area Spanish architecture, and funky party vibes.

Every year thousands of tourists visit Key West, a large portion of them being from the UK, it is because the citizens of the UK are eligible for a US esta visa.

Esta application for UK citizens follows the standard procedure; you will have to get your esta application form filled with all the essential data. Your application data will be stored in an electronic format and will be verified and approved as per SOP.


Things to do in Key West


The Key West Butterfly and Natural Conservatory

You read it right; this is one of the most eco-friendly and colourful places in the State of Florida, located on Duval Street, KW. There are nearly 50-60 species of butterflies in this conservatory – be curious, be patient and marvel in the beauty of nature. You will also find overflowing waterfalls, lots of shrubs and exotic trees here. Birds like American flamingos, red-factor canaries, zebra finches, and cordon-bleu finches fly above your heads freely; hence they are called “Butterfly-Friendly Birds.” You can educate yourself about butterflies and migratory birds in the learning centre – or take a souvenir for yourself from the gift shop.

Mallory Square

We’re sure you must’ve heard about Sunset Celebration; Mallory Square is the celebration’s location, on Duval Street’s Northern End. This is one of the best places to watch sunsets from the southernmost part of the state. The local street performers make the evening worthwhile; you will love the vibe they bring. Small shops and restaurants line around Mallory Square, attracting multiple visitors. You can also experience the joy of live music, knife tricks, juggling, rope walking, and dances.


Places to Eat in Key West


Old Town Mexican Restaurant

Grab some authentic and tasty New Mexican cuisine here in Key West on Duval Street. It has a very traditional environment and friendly staff. What should you try here? Try having hand-made flour tortillas, pozole, salsa, bloody molcajete, and steaks.

Two Friends Patio Restaurant

It is situated right across Mallory Square - the live music and karaoke keep the ambiance very energetic. Both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements are available; choose the outdoor setting during breakfast for an amplified dining experience. Do try the lobsters, key lime pie, coconut shrimp, grilled mahi-mahi, and pina colada to go with your dishes.

Santiago’s Bodega

Situated in the centre of Bahama village - Santiago’s Bodega is a warm place to hang out; its wooden furniture and hand-made stained glass are the highlights.  The must-try dishes are Spanish tapas, cheese board, croquette, beef tenderloin, and Brussel sprouts.


Where to stay in Key West?


Southwest Beach Resort

The hotel treats you to a glorious Atlantic Ocean view. It is located in a strategic location close to many tourist spots like Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, and Alan S. Maltz Gallery. The amenities include Wi-Fi, an in-house bar, pool, spa, and private balconies. The per-day prices range from $175-$250.

The Key West Villas

Located on Angela Street, Key West Villas are comfortable villas consisting of one- & two-bedroom villas. The villas are Caribbean styled, featuring a classy Florida vibe. The Tropical cinema is a 6-minute walk from the property, while the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum is a 5-minute walk. The amenities include Wi-Fi, pool, sun-terrace, golf course, and a gym. The per-day cost ranges between $200-$250.

Avalon Bed and Breakfast

This property is also located on Duval Street, close to multiple tourist spots. The southernmost point is just a minute away from the hotel. Some amenities include a pool, Wi-Fi, canoeing & boating facilities, fishing, and diving. The per-day cost ranges between $150-$200.


Conclusion about things to do in Key West


After your esta application is verified and approved, you will get your esta america visa. You can travel for 90-days without any restrictions in the US with your esta visa. The esta visa once issued is valid for 2 years.

So, even if you aren’t making a travel plan now but would like to visit Key West in the near future, you may want to get hold of your esta too. Do note that you need to ensure you fill out all the correct details, including your emergency contact information. If something is wrong, border agents at the U.S. border may still stop you - even if you’ve got hold of the ESTA.

Will you be required to check your esta application status? Depending on when you have filled your application and whether your visa is approved or not - you will be required to check the application status to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

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