How to Bounce Back After a Workplace Injury

None of us punch into work in the morning thinking that our day will end in tragedy, but unfortunately, this possibility is all too real. Despite the fact that workplace conditions in the United States are better than they ever have been, thanks to the introduction and enforcement of safety regulations created by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the early 1970s, the simple fact is that nearly two million workers compensation claims are filed each year. So, while your chances of being injured at work might be low, they are never zero. If you should happen to meet disaster in the workplace, this guide will help you get back on your feet.

Take What You Are Owed

In any wrongful injury case, the victim is owed compensation for their medical bills, damage to property (such as in cases of road-related incidents), and any additional pain and suffering they experience as a result of their injuries. When you experience a workplace injury, you are expected to file a claim for worker’s compensation. This can help to reimburse you for any medical bills and lost wages that come as a result of your injury. Unfortunately, worker's compensation benefits sometimes will only make up for a fraction of what you’ve lost and will not typically reimburse you for pain and suffering (traumatic damage after the incident), only for your physical injuries. To get the full amount that you are owed, you should consider consulting an injury lawyer. Your lawyer will help you build your case so that you receive what you’re entitled to. It is important to pursue legal action in cases like this, not only for your own sake but to hold your workplace accountable for their negligence and make them reassess and revise their safety procedures to prevent anyone else from getting injured on the clock.

Use Your Recovery to Better Yourself

Of course, your first priority after getting injured in the workplace should be to rest so that you can heal, but it doesn’t hurt to use your recovery time to better yourself in other ways. You should consider taking this time to learn a new skill–something like a new language, coding, or familiarizing yourself with excel. Learning these skills will not only keep your brain engaged while you are not working, but they are all skills that make you stand out and increase your value as an employee. You might ask why you would spend your time off improving yourself for a company that didn’t even care enough about you to prioritize your well-being in the first place. Really, the answer is that it isn’t for that company after all. Consider using your recovery time to find a new job, one where you will feel safe and valued both as an employee and a person. Learning these new skills will make you a more marketable candidate and make it easier to find a career that suits you.


On top of setting yourself up for success and healing your body physically, you should also consider using this time as an opportunity to improve your mental health, so that way you don’t become depressed after being isolated for too long, or feel stressed or burnt out when you do finally return to work. You can start to improve your mental health by keeping a journal to track your emotions. A great set of prompts for each day could include something you liked about that day, something you like about yourself, something you are looking forward to, and something you are grateful for. It can also help to set goals for yourself and track your progress. Taking the time to do these small tasks every day can slowly start to change your perspective and improve the way that you view yourself and the world around you.


Your environment is also something that can greatly impact your mental health when you start spending every day at home. While you’re recovering from your injuries, make sure that you’re putting as much effort into your surroundings as you are into yourself. Clutter and mess will naturally have a negative impact on our mood and motivation, creating an endless cycle of disarray and depression. Try to take at least twenty minutes every day just to go through and quickly tidy your space. Start your day by making your bed, and you’ll be surprised how easily the rest will follow suit. Until you’re well enough to start working again, your full-time job should be looking after yourself.

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