Tips for Reducing Secondhand Exposure to CBD Vaping

Tips for Reducing Secondhand Exposure to CBD Vaping

Vaping is becoming a common occurrence amongst many people across the world. Some individuals enjoy CBD vaping and taking in the assorted flavors that the product provides. There are many others, though, who don’t enjoy being around secondhand vape smoke.

There are a few ways to reduce secondhand exposure to vaping smoke. We’ll dig a little deeper into what options are available.


As we continue to live in these COVID-19 times, one thing that has become a regular part of life is masks. Masks have been recommended by the CDC and other medical organizations as one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID and many other viruses. These masks help with ventilating against the coronavirus, allowing people to breathe without having to worry about possibly catching COVID-19. As mentioned, masks are but one form of a deterrent against coronavirus and many other viruses. For instance, physicians recommend that you don’t stand in an indoor space with others who have tested positive for COVID.

Masks can also help on other fronts. Let’s say that you spend a lot of time around CBD vape users. You love to roam around the city on weekends with a vape-using friend or loved one, but you hate the smell of the smoke. You respect your friend's right to enjoy their best vapor experience and even bought them the best portable vaporizer as a gift. This device comes replete with such features as a replaceable battery, precise temperature control, smartphone app control, temperature settings, and a water pipe adapter. But as mentioned, you can’t stand smelling the smoke that this portable vape gives off.

In such cases, masks can be used to ward off the secondhand smoke from CBD vaping. There is a wide range of masks that will help you as you’re subjected to this potent vapor smoke. They are often high-quality items of excellent value when it comes to filtering out the smoke from your friend’s favorite vaporizer. For example, a standard N95 respirator mask has been shown to block out 95 percent of air particles. In addition, pollution masks are another terrific portable unit that you can use to block out the smoke from an air vape.

Face masks can be one of the better options to deal with the smoke from someone’s favorite vaporizer. They don’t need a powerful battery or a lot of money. A mask can be an excellent choice for reducing secondhand smoke for a long time.

Air Filters

Another great option for reducing secondhand exposure to CBD vaping is air filters, also known as air purifiers. These devices can help on a number of fronts with reducing air pollution and supplying clean air inside your home. This mechanical air cleaner has been known to help better your indoor air quality by ridding it of such pollutants as pollen, dander, allergens, and other volatile organic compounds.

Devices such as a portable HEPA filter machine, or a MILA air purifier, can help reduce the risk of airborne illnesses, help to relieve a person's allergies, and help an individual to achieve superior sleep conditions. When it comes to secondhand CBD vape smoke, an air purifier will take and destroy the airborne particles created by a vaping device. A portable air purifier is another fantastic way to create an indoor space where the air quality isn’t so difficult to breathe in.

If you have a vape user who decides to bring their convection vaporizer or conduction vaporizer to your home, then break out your mechanical filtration machine. Don’t just sit sucking in vape smoke when you can use a filtration device to take care of the harmful byproducts from vape smoke.

Nonsmoking Areas

One simple and effective choice for avoiding secondhand CBD vaping smoke is to not visit places where it's allowed. Stick to only nonsmoking areas or businesses. This way, you’re not worrying about getting enough air that’s vape-free. Practice a bit of social distancing by avoiding these types of areas, and you’ll be all the better for it.

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