Why is it important to keep learning

This may be awkward and hard to believe that some less educated people in the business sector does not feel confident in the power of learning. But it is a scientifically proven fact that unless and until some investments in learning skill are made, the business cannot grow as expected. Practically there is no end of learning. Everything about learning and development is depending upon learning skill, producing, delivering, facilitating, and evaluating and acquainting lot of people. The successful persons in the business world believe that they always have to learn and keep themselves abreast of the changes in the techniques and new development in modern technology so that they cannot lag behind in the race or competition in the new marketing world. If you think that cost of learning is comparatively higher than what is expected in return, then you are completely wrong. Because any organization that desires to grow and develop needs to invest in its workers through continual learning and development.

Job Oriented Short Term Courses after B. Com Is Good Idea

In today’s market just completing B.Com is not sufficiently enough. On a serious note, rather, graduation is not equivalent to a have a great career opportunity. You need greater knowledge and better degree to face the strong competition that stands ahead of you. Therefore, it is most important that you should know which course is right after B.Com. Since your subject is commerce, naturally accounting is and should be your first choice. Few options are there in the finance sector after completing B.Com. The long term courses like Chartered Accountant (CA), Masters of Commerce (M.Com), Masters of Business Administration (MBA in Finance), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)  and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) are among many more courses can be pursued. But there are even few short term courses after B. Com. Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM),Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT), Digital Marketing and Financial Modeling, Certified Financial Planners, Certified Course in Project Finance and many more like Accounting, Tally, Analytics, Data Visualization, Marketing, Java are some good short term courses one can go through.

Short Term Courses After B. Com – Chartered Wealth Management (CWM)

Learning helps identify new opportunities and encourages self development skills and identifies more efficient ways of working.  Learning and development can help you increase the list of contacts including potential customers. Learning can be difficult but once it is achieved the job automatically becomes interesting and result oriented. It improves the productivity and reduces the cost. Workers tend to be more engaged and focused. They work longer because they know that you have already invested in them in learning and they pay back by giving more time and labour. This naturally brings down the cost of your products. The skilled and learned workers help others to learn and can pass on the information to others. This also helps you save your organization in the competitive market.

The concept of learning and learning new things and also pass them on to fellow workers is a good culture. This makes the workers valuable to other employers. Naturally the learned workers become valuable, efficient and more productive. Of course it is the organization’s duty to keep these workers stay working for them by incentivizing and motivating them at times so that they do not go away with the skills and knowledge with them.

Commitment is a factor that automatically inculcates in the minds of the learned workers. An educated and skilled worker must be waiting for higher responsibilities and naturally this would help him become committed to his work and towards the organization he is working on. Because he knows if he remains committed he would be eligible for next promotion.

Conclusion about Short Term Courses After B. Com

Learning alone can help the brain to work and this helps the brain to understand other problems and gives you knowledge how to tackle these. Knowledge is something that gives you the opportunity to become more relevant to your industry by keeping updated information and adapting skill set. In this rapidly changing world of technology you need to learn new things constantly to remain valuable. Lifelong learning will help you to adapt unexpected changes in the system. Therefore the constant updated knowledge gatherings will help you understand the new things easily. If you constantly keep improving you will have several chances to receive recommendations from your seniors and managers to change your job for betterments which ultimately pays you.

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