Zoom Interview: What are the best colors to wear?

Zoom Interview: What are the best colors to wear?

Many companies use Zoom, a video conferencing application, to hold online meetings with colleagues and clients. Tools such as screen sharing, text chat, video recording, and mute are included.

Comfort is the best clothing you can wear during an interview. However, apart from that, you should have a great outfit that would suit the occasion and match the job description. What are the best colors to wear? We prepared a few pieces of advice for you.

How to prepare your clothes

1. Find out how current employees dress for work

It's easier if the interviewer sees you in the light of the company's employees. This makes him or she believe that you know the company well and have been on a research journey about the company, which means you are interested in the company at heart.

See more photos of the team in action on the company's website. Find it so that you can dress and prepare, and if you can't, feel free to ask your recruiter what the company's dress code is.

2. Go one level above the current employee dress sequence:

This option will be a tip for anyone conducting one-to-one interviews in Zoom. You think that Zoom interview clothes are too formal, or you may believe you will surprise them more if you dress a little chicer, but you are wrong.

Don't try to dress casually; a casual Zoom meeting will get you the best work done on most days. Instead, aim to be a notch or two above standard business attire.

3. Choose neutral colors

Colorful clothing and accessories are all the rage today; however, the last thing you want to do is add many bright elements to your video, as this will only distract viewers.

The most common neutral colors are black, white, and grey. So, a few touches here and there will give you the best.

Which color to choose?

Have you ever wondered why people dressed in black look strict and unapproachable, and those who prefer, for example, yellow shades, on the contrary, look cheerful and playful? The fact is that each color means something, and by consciously or unconsciously choosing one of them, a person creates a particular image. Color and style of clothing are inextricably linked. And before you make this or that ensemble, you must know what color means in clothes so that your outfit is always appropriate.

You already know that your style sends loud messages to the world and that color can enhance their content and distract the listener from their essence.

Red can look solid and energetic combined with a strict suit - or passionate and playful if worn as separate bright details. Remember: red in clothes means you are bossy, and it can look aggressive if you wear it to a personal meeting. On the other hand, screaming red can look like an apparent overkill in a formal business setting.

The sunny associations inherent in yellow can fill the room with light and send positive, joyful, cheerful messages to those present. Remember: the yellow color in clothes means a person has a pleasant and playful character. It is always easy to talk to them. If the situation is gloomy or requires concentration, yellow may be inappropriate or distracting.

What does the blue color in clothes mean, and when is it better to use it? Blue is often perceived as a nerve-calming color. It is associated with trust and peace. It has so many variations that you can quickly wear it for almost any event. However, if your goal is to shock, then do not forget that because of its versatility, blue can look like a "win-win option" and therefore seem dull.

Green is a natural color that symbolizes balance and friendliness. However, because of its connection to nature and outdoor living, green can seem more casual than other colors, so it is challenging to look elegant in green. Art, fashion, and design experts have been studying the meanings and connotations of color for years. But as for the practical application of color in everyday life - going to congratulate a friend on the birth of a child, few of us will remember that green symbolizes a new beginning. Recognizing that the green color in clothes means "sprout" in all senses, pay special attention to this shade.

Very rarely found in nature - to wear purple outfits, you need to go beyond in some sense, so purple gives rise to a sense of creativity, fantasy, and fun. Unfortunately, Carmine, the "color of fantasy," is found in large quantities in children's clothing and toys, so you may seem infantile.

Orange is the most vibrant color that can send loud messages. Bright and warm, it attracts people. Orange in clothes means that you are friendly and easy-going. But it can look flashy if you wear it without considering the situation. Also, depending on the degree of its saturation (dark/light), it can be very tied to one particular season.

Brown is elegant and often less expected than black, so it is attractive. Brown in clothes means that you are practical and you exude reliability. On the other hand, in a fun, lively environment, brown can look dull or suggest that the wearer is indifferent to what is happening. Now brown is also associated with retro style and therefore can look old-fashioned.

Interestingly, gray is the easiest color for the eye. Grey in clothes means that you are sophisticated, you have a sharp mind and excellent intellectual qualities. But if you want to look lively and spontaneous, it is better not to dress in gray: the color can cause associations with sadness and depression (for example, gray winter days).

White is most often associated with purity, innocence, and neatness - in it. You can look like an organized, responsible person who has everything under control. However, many stereotypes are associated with the white color: whether it is too strict or too solemn - dressed in white. You will draw attention to yourself - so let it be part of your plan.

Black is a mighty color. It is often associated with elegance and chic. However, black clothes mean you are very serious, often even too much. Because of its all-consuming nature, black can look too simple.

What does each color group mean?

Neutral colors. They are very comfortable - they are well-accepted by others. Neutral colors may look sophisticated, but they are worn by everyone, regardless of age. These are modern and, at the same time, mature colors - some wear only them, while others prefer bolder, brighter colors. If you belong to the first category - the main thing is not to use neutral colors as a life-saving crutch or as a protective cover under which your true self is hidden. On the other hand, if you don't wear neutral colors at all, you are underestimating them: they can be used to make beautiful, spectacular ensembles that play an essential role in shaping your image.

Bright colors. As the name suggests, these are bold and spectacular colors. Bright colors in clothes mean that you want to be noticed. With their help, you switch all the attention of others to yourself, especially if these are the colors you like the most. However, be careful with shades that contrast with your color type: they can make the image too bold or inexpressive. For example, when looking for jobs in Dubai, you should remember the dress code.

Dark colors. They have different kinds of power. Dark, severe colors in clothes mean a person is responsible and reliable. Think about the black color. It can be perceived as a boundary between the wearer and others (that's why many people in authority dress in black). But it can also seem as if you are hiding behind this color, covering yourself with it and saying to the world: "Don't touch me." It can be another color for anyone ashamed of their body - a way to remain unnoticed.

Pastel colors. These light colors in clothes mean that you are very young at heart. They can look almost childish, but combined with elegant basic or neutral colors can bring a fresh, unexpected note to the ensemble. For example, paired with black, they look very modern - in combination with gray or taupe, they "grow up" and become more appropriate in a formal setting - if you wear them with white, you will attract the eyes. Look at your color compass to find the proper ratio of your favorite shades.

Color in style is just one tool to help you say what you want (and ultimately get what you want). Getting to know your best colors can be a big plus. The main thing is that self-confidence is much more important than the slight advantage blue has over the green in certain circumstances.


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