Asbestos Law and Medical Expenses

When asbestos companies started raking in profits, their workers’ health took a downward turn. What was ordinarily diagnosed as pulmonary infection was later on scientifically categorized as asbestosis especially in people with long-term exposure to asbestos, as fact: asbestos banned in drywall. Aside from asbestosis, a more malignant disease came about. Mesothelioma is the cancer that develops around the lining of the lungs as a result of direct/indirect and long-term exposure to asbestos.

It’s really hard to imagine how these families can afford to take care of their own

You have to realize that once you get asbestosis, you will have it for life. There is no cure. The worst thing is that it could have been prevented had companies provided safety gear or informed their workers of the hazards of working with a dangerous material. It’s really too late to do anything else by the time you recognize the symptoms for what they are since 10-30 years have passed. The same thing is true once you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

There is no other way to treat asbestosis except through oxygen therapy

Lungs are too badly scarred by the asbestos fibers and doctors can only prescribe oxygen therapy to ease their patients’ breathing. Think of the costs that you will incur considering that you need to have oxygen therapy for life. Not only that, since your lungs are no longer fully functioning, the slightest infection, virus or bacteria can trigger some nasty surprises leading to more respiratory ailments. More medication will be prescribed to keep your lungs clear and unobstructed which can only translate to higher medical costs. It will also probably mean that you won’t be able to work a regular job because exposure to crowds makes you susceptible to pulmonary triggers. Getting asbestosis really changes the way you live your life especially when you know how fast it can take it away.

The approach to the treatment of mesothelioma is rather different. Since mesothelioma is a cancer, patients and their families expect to undergo surgical, chemotherapy and radiation treatments all of which aren’t easy on the pocket. Though a cure is very rare especially since mesothelioma is hard to detect and takes so long to appear (not less than 15 years and up to 50 years), treatments are still usually successful in extending a patient’s life from the average one year survival rate. However, mesothelioma is very aggressive and requires frequent monitoring and tests to make sure that it is in check.

Considering the kind of health conditions patients and victims have to deal with, some insurance companies don’t even provide coverage for the treatments. How in the world can anyone expect them to get better when they can’t even afford to get the help that they need? It’s no wonder victims and their families are determined to file LAWsuits and claim for compensation. Once they win the case, they at least have a small measure of hope, a small measure of justice and a small way out of their financial blight.  

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