What Is the Optimal Dosage of CBD Oil?

There is a great deal of information about CBD oil and why people should consider using it. From acting as a natural pain remedy to improving the quality of sleep, there is a long list of ways that CBD oil can promote good health and fitness levels.

CBD oil has attracted a significant amount of positive attention and seems to be one of the most talked-about natural wellness products. However, one area that is very rarely touched on is exactly how people should use CBD oil and how much they should take.

When looking to buy CBD oil for the first time, knowing how to use it and how much to use is an essential factor in choosing the right products.

While there is no one correct answer as to how much CBD oil a person should take daily, there are several factors to consider that will determine the optimal dosage.

Here are some of the key things to consider when deciding on the optimal dosage of CBD oil.

#1 - Reason for Taking CBD Oil

The first step is to think about the reason for taking CBD oil, as this will be the main factor when it comes to dosage.

Somebody taking CBD oil as a general-purpose health supplement but not looking to treat a specific medical condition will most likely require a low dose. On the other hand, somebody taking CBD oil to manage a chronic health condition will need a much stronger dosage.

The frequency at which the user needs CBD oil will also depend on their reason for taking it. CBD oil typically only needs to be taken once per day as a supplement. However, when treating specific conditions, a more frequent intake may be required to keep cannabinoid levels consistent within the body.

#2 - Physical Characteristics and Metabolism

Many personal factors affect the amount of CBD oil a person needs to feel the effects they require. Factors such as weight, metabolic rate, and age all impact how the body reacts to CBD oil.

Weight is a crucial thing to consider, as the less a person weighs, the lower the dosage they will need to feel the effects of CBD. This is the same with other substances, like alcohol, and the reason why those who weigh less often find that certain substances affect them much more than others around them.

Bodyweight is not the only factor to consider. A person’s metabolic rate will also play an essential role in how much CBD should be taken at any one time and how fast the effects kick in.

The faster a person’s metabolism, the quicker they will feel the effects of CBD oil. However, this also means that the cannabinoids within the oil are processed faster and, in turn, will not last quite as long.

#3 - The Body’s CBD Tolerance

Over time, people find that their body builds up a CBD tolerance, leading them to increase the dosage they take to achieve the same effects.

This is not just the case with CBD, but with almost any substance that is consumed frequently. Other products such as caffeine, alcohol, and pain relief medications all have the same effect.

On a practical level, it is important to have at least some awareness of the body’s tolerance level to choose the optimal CBD oil dosage.

Somebody who has never taken CBD before will have a low tolerance level and require a relatively low dosage. Over time, someone might find that they need to increase the dosage of CBD oil they take in order to achieve the same benefits.

#4 - Frequency of Consumption

The optimal dosage of CBD will depend on how often a person plans to take CBD. When taking it only once a day, a higher dosage may be a better option than would be the case if CBD was being taken at intervals throughout the day.

One way to work out the optimal CBD oil dosage is to think about the total amount of CBD required throughout the entire day. Then, divide the total amount by the number of times you will take CBD oil throughout the day. 

Some people find that the effects of CBD oil are better when it is taken in small quantities multiple times throughout the day. Alternatively, others find that CBD oil is more effective when it is taken in a larger dose only once per day.

Takeaway Points

The main thing to try and remember is that everyone reacts differently to CBD oil and that it is crucial to find what works for the individual rather than what other people have found to work for them.

When unsure, it is always best to follow the usage instructions that come with CBD oil, as this is likely to be the best and safest place to start when trying to determine the optimal dosage.

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