How to become a sports analyst

Sports analysts are being used more and more in the world of sport. If you went back 40-50 years and said somebody’s job was to look at stats of players, they would have laughed at you. Sports analysts have followed the trend of sports as the advancement has meant more and more vital data is available for things such as performance of players in the Premier League, transfer information on draft day or even gambling trends for Cheltenham new betting sites.

The film Moneyball popularised the success sports teams had with a sports analyst but what do you have to do to get into the industry and succeed?

Know exactly what you are in for

It is not just a fancy game of Football Manager where you just look at numbers on a screen and hope for the best. It is a scrutinising job that requires a lot of attention to minute detail depending on what your scouting mission is because it could be that you are required to look at on field data or off field data.

On field data might include player performance with a view at health, ability, and tactics. Whereas off field data might be more on fan interaction and trends within social media interactions. So, it is important you have the focus of what part you want to work in.

Have passion

Going into any sports industry means that you must have a burning passion for the industry. It is a constant moving industry and ever changing so everyone involved must move with it to make sure they have the edge in a competitive world. Especially in terms of collecting data you must know what the best thing for your team is and get the right outcome.

It is profit driven

There is no room for error when you are working as a sports analyst because each decision means money. So, you must be confident in your decision about how the club moves forward. In football for example, clubs like Forest Green Rovers, Bournemouth and Brentford have fully revamped their business model to get that edge profit wise by employing analysts in all areas of their club.

According to Forbes, the sports industry is worth more than $73 billion in North America alone. It is a worldwide shift and one that could be amazing to get involved in.

Get qualified and gain experience

It is important to get in contact with companies, clubs or anyone in the cyber sports network industry to gain their perspective of how you could get involved with being a data analyst. Doing so shows commitment and interest that employees look for. However, before that you need to look at university degrees in data analysts that will give you the major steppingstone towards getting noticed by employees.

In America, more and more colleges and universities are offering programmes involving data analysts because of the major investment in sports across all levels of sports.

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