How to become a sportswriter

It is probably the dream of most people who have interest in sport. From football to horse racing, sports write come in all different formats. It could be the dream to report on the World Cup final or Cheltenham Festival (and obviously looking at the best Cheltenham Festival betting offers). However, this can sometimes just be a pipe dream of many as they lose the motivation and vision of how to succeed in a bloated field. So, how can you become a sportswriter in this modern media rule?

Have a passion

The passion must be there to become a sportswriter. It is a highly committed job with sports constantly being played throughout the week, especially on the weekend, you must be fully committed to watching sports all week, so you are able to provide the best comments about it.

Be a good researcher

Just because you like football or rugby means you might not be interested in cricket or darts. So, you must be always on the lookout for the action and know what it all the action is about. Learn the rules of the sport, know who the top teams are and look at the standout players in that sport.

Work for your local paper

Try and get your name out there. Building up a portfolio is key to getting noticed by using websites that offer support for freelancers but if you can get into an established publisher such as the local paper then that will be worth its weight in gold because employers look for experience like this alongside your qualifications.

Get your qualifications

Simple. Gain experience and get the right qualifications to help you get the job you want. Most traditional routes will be gaining a degree from a university in courses such as sports journalism, creative writing or broadcasting media. However, there a several institutions out there where you do not have to have a degree and they will train you in journalism over a year; it is a really good way to get experience and training quickly.

Get yourself on social media

It is a superb way to get your views and work out there on a better scale. Twitter for example can attract an audience exclusively of sports fans by using hashtags and topics being spoken about at the current time. Your work and views can be easily spread across the platform to a much wider audience. It also gives you the ability to connect with sports fans who might be interested in your interactions and therefore look out for your publishing at a later date.

Contact the industry for advice

There are thousands of sports outlets in the world, and they are full of people who were in the exact same situation you are in now. They can help provide next steps to you about how to accomplish your dream or even have you visit their place of work to shadow somebody. All this could lead to superb opportunities with the field.

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