How to bet on sports: instructions for beginners

Making bets is an exciting activity that can bring a stable income. It is not easy to win on a permanent basis, but everyone who is ready to work hard and systematically has a chance. The first steps towards the goal will be registration on the bookmaker's websites and mastering the basics of sports betting.

 If you are interested in betting and want to try yourself, then the first thing you need is to register with a bookmaker. Today, bookmakers offer a huge number of bonuses. Using 22bet promo code, you can get the juiciest bonuses from one of the most reliable bookmakers in the world. 

How sports betting is formed

After registering on the BC website and replenishing the account, the path to the game is open, but you should not rush to place bets. To constantly beat the bookmaker, it is not enough to understand sports well. A professional better must: 

  • thoroughly know the nuances of a particular bet and strategy; 
  • be able to quickly evaluate and process information; 
  • respond in a timely manner to changing situations. 

In general, to bet, you need serious theoretical training and solid practical experience. But first you need to master the basic concepts.


A bet is a bet for which a certain coefficient is set. The latter is an assessment of the event by the bookmaker. In the case of a correct prediction, the amount that the player initially pays to the office is multiplied by this number. Russian bookmakers use European odds displayed in decimal numbers like 1.5, 2.0 or 3.2.

Bookmaker margin

Each bookmaker takes a commission for their services, known as «margin». This is the percentage charged on the ideal odds determined by the bookmaker. For example, when meeting absolutely equal opponents, it would be fair to give 2.0 for the victory of each of them. But in such situations, they usually set 1.9 or 1.95. This means that the office took 0.1 or 0.05 of the bet amount from each bet.

Tips for beginners

Before you start betting, you should decide on finances. A beginner should not start with large sums. You need to decide what the budget will be for a specific period - a few days, a week or a month. It must be adequate to the financial condition, that is, not affect the material well-being of the player and his family. If you like to make bets spontaneously and at the same time want to make money on sports systematically, it is better to have two separate budgets.

So that the money does not suddenly run out after 1-2 days of playing, you need to properly manage your bets. There are many options for determining the size of the bet, from setting a constant denomination (1-5% of the initial budget) or a percentage of the current bank to aggressive strategies like catching up. The latter provides for a constant increase in bets when losing in order to cover previous losses. On the one hand, it looks logical, but too long a series of failures can lead to complete financial collapse.

To make money with bets regularly, you need a systematic approach. There are many game strategies. Some of them, such as the “corridors” mentioned above and the so-called “forks” (at certain odds, bets on opposite outcomes will bring a win anyway), allow you to play successfully without even understanding the sport. It is enough to use the program to find the necessary odds, but it is worth remembering that bookmakers have an extremely negative attitude towards arbers and do not like corridors. Other strategies (value, Kelly criterion) require complex mathematical calculations, but they get rid of the bookmaker's claims.

When can I switch to professional betting?

The ability to make correct predictions comes with experience. You can’t demand from yourself at least 60% pass rates if you’ve been betting for a week. The quality of forecasts is influenced by knowledge of the sport, betting rules, and team statistics. At first, you can bet on the advice of privateers, and then move on to an independent analysis of upcoming meetings.

To move from an amateur level in betting to a professional one, you should:

  • adhere to a certain betting strategy;
  • learn to analyze events;
  • be able to control the psycho-emotional state.

Sports forecasts are made by cappers and experts, but only the player chooses the strategy. Competent analysis and proper bankroll management will help you to bet. And remember: it is not so difficult to make a couple of profitable bets as to achieve a result in the distance.

Betting can be a source of steady income, but it is not an easy profession, in which few people achieve success. If you manage to reach a serious level - excellent, if not - do not make a tragedy out of it and put it on for fun.

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