How To Use The Air Conditioner Well?

How To Use The Air Conditioner Well?

A series of tips and tricks to make the best use of the air conditioner that will allow you to reduce consumption and increase its duration over time.

Where do you place it?

In most cases, an air conditioner is installed by an electrician or otherwise by qualified personnel, so you don't have to worry about a thing. If, on the other hand, you have the skills and tools to try your hand at a do-it-yourself assembly, remember that the correct position of the internal splits is at the top of the wall.

As is well known, hot air tends to rise upwards and therefore will end up mixing much more easily with the cold air generated by the air conditioner. Obviously in front of the split there must be no obstacles, not even a simple curtain that would create a deleterious barrier effect. As far as the outdoor unit is concerned, it is good practice to provide proper insulation of the pipes where the refrigerant circulates, protecting them from direct contact with the sun's rays.

How to limit power consumption?

The 1.5 ton Split AC is essential for living comfort when the temperature reaches very high values ​​and to control the humidity level. At the same time, however, it is a device that has a decisive impact on the costs in the bill. My advice is to invest an even higher budget than expected and buy a model in energy class A + or higher. Just think that a class A air conditioner can even consume three times more than a class A +++ model.

The energy efficiency class is essential, but you mustn't forget some virtuous behaviors either. There are no better-established times to turn on the air conditioner and a lot depends on your behavior and that of your family.

Nevertheless, try not to leave it running for the whole day, especially if no one is home. Take advantage of the automatic shutdown to prevent it from staying on all night and use the timer or the app (in the case of smart models) to start the air conditioner a couple of hours before you return home, so as to already find the right temperature.

Beware of appliances that produce heat

It may seem trivial but limiting the use of appliances that produce a lot of heat reduces the temperature rise and makes the work of the air conditioner less burdensome. Of course, you cannot stop using a washing machine, dishwasher, washer-dryer or oven, however it is advisable to program the time slots in the best possible way using the delayed start function now present on any modern appliance. Avoid starting during the hottest hours of the day to also benefit from significant energy savings.

Check that doors and windows are closed tightly

To prevent cold air from escaping to the outside, the air conditioner checks that doors and windows are closed every time you activate it. Another useful suggestion is to keep the shutters fully or partially lowered to prevent the sun's rays from overheating the environment.

In the case of windows exposed to the sun for most of the day, a good idea could be to apply a special polyester film that lets the light through but at the same time blocks UV rays and limits the formation of heat inside the house. The best products even block 80% of the solar energy.

What is the ideal temperature?

Each of us reacts and tolerates heat and humidity in a different way, so there are those who prefer lower temperatures almost like an icebox and others who instead limit themselves to lowering a few degrees. A rule of thumb provides for a differential of 7/8 degrees between the external and internal temperature.

However, everything depends on the place where the house is located, on the exposure to the sun and on many other environmental factors. Personally, I think a value around 24/25 ° C is adequate to obtain a pleasant living comfort. What must be avoided is to set temperatures that are too low which negatively affect, not only the costs in the bill, but above all on health.

Air conditioning can be a great help if properly regulated, but it can also turn into a dangerous threat to our well-being. The more sudden the temperature changes are, the greater the risks of incurring respiratory diseases or muscle pain. If elderly people and children live in the house, they should not be exposed directly to the cold air jet.

Use the dehumidification function

The dehumidification mode is too often underestimated, but in reality, it allows you to regulate the level of excessive humidity in the house and helps to cool the environment. All air conditioners of a certain level and those of the latest generation offer the possibility to regulate the percentage of humidity. Just by acting on this parameter and bringing it from a value between 40% and 60%, it is possible to obtain fresher rooms in a natural way and limiting consumption.

Clean the air conditioner carefully

Proper cleaning and maintenance allow you to keep the appliance efficient and protect your health. The air conditioner, in addition to cooling the environment, eliminates dust and harmful substances from the air such as bacteria, mites, pollen, smog and fine particles that can cause respiratory allergies and other problems.

The air conditioner is mainly used in the seasons with a hot climate and a high percentage of humidity, i.e., the optimal conditions for the proliferation of mold and bacteria. Among these, one of the most dangerous is Legionella pneumophila which can multiply undisturbed inside the device.

The operations you must perform are washing the filter, to be removed following the instructions in the user manual. Before reassembling it, make sure it is perfectly dry. Also clean the outlets and accessible internal parts to remove dust and dirt, using only a damp cloth. The filter will then be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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