Top accessories for the home mechanic

For anyone who is enthusiastic about DIY, you’ll know that the garage is not only a storage place for cars or tools. It becomes a place to take care of, modify and repair your vehicle to your heart’s content.

But having the right kit and all the accessories that are needed to turn your space into an at-home mechanic shop is not a quick process (or a cheap one). That’s why we have compiled this list of the top accessories that any home mechanic will need.

A mechanics seat

A heavy-duty mechanic’s seat provides a comfortable place for mechanics, technicians and machinists to sit while they work close to or under vehicles and other machinery. This saves you from suffering from back or joint pain after you’ve completed a job.

All seats are soft-padded to make them as comfortable as possible and have a flexible height option so you can adjust them to the perfect working height for the job.

Some mechanics seats (also known as creeper seats) also have a low-profile tool tray fitted. This helps you to keep your most-used tools nearby at all times and can be magnetic such that screws will not scatter as you move.

Hook and pick set

This set may seem like a very specific type of accessory, however, it does in fact come in handy for a wide range of uses. From disconnecting stubborn electrical wires to pulling off plastic pins and slides, they are really worth keeping in your toolset.

Hook and pin sets usually come in a pack of four with each hook bent at a different angle, although if you think they are likely to come in very handy they are available to purchase in larger sets with many more hook options.

A wrench set

Every mechanic needs to use a wrench at some point. Having a good-quality wrench that you can rely on is great, but it may not always be the right size for the job. A wrench set can help fix this problem.

Wrench sets are ideal for a wide variety of different jobs including removing brakes and power steering lines. You could even get a colour coded set that makes identifying the different sizes so much easier.

Parts washer

Using certain tools on a daily basis, especially on cars, means grease can build up quite quickly. This can make tools less efficient and hard to use. An easy solution to this problem is cleaning them.

Restoring the condition of tools and parts couldn’t be easier (or cheaper) with a simple parts cleaner. They usually feature a flexible fused lid stand, so in the event of a fire, the lid will snap shut and hopefully distinguish it. Fitting a heating element to the parts washer can also help with cleaning, making the entire process much faster.

A light stick

Most garages have poor lighting conditions, which only get worse at night. This can make evening projects tough as it can be hard to see what you’re doing. But a light stick can help solve this issue.

This accessory may not seem specific to a mechanic, but we think it’s still a top accessory to have if you’re an at-home mechanic. It can help you to see the under-side of a vehicle whilst strong magnets hold it in place, and you can rotate it to aim the light exactly where you need it.

As an extra little bonus, it can also always come in handy if the power goes out in your home.

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