Twitch and Other Live Streaming Platforms

Streaming has become part of our life. Technology has turned the world into a global village. These changes have led to a changed lifestyle. Early on, you could find people relaxing and playing games together in the evening. Meals were taken together. There was community ownership of property. All this was lost with the coming of technological advancement. Now,when you live where you want-You can decide to take lunch in one country and take supper in another, far away. This has obliterated that sense of community.

Even so, live streaming is on its way to bringing that experience back. Here, though physically separated, you get to watch what other people do and interact with them; send comments and feedback. Even better, with live streaming, you get to choose what to do and where you want to live stream from. If you think about it, did you choose where you were born-rich or from a poor background? Pastoralist or farming community? There are several platforms to Livestream, amongst them is Twitch. Let’s take a look at some of these platforms

1. Twitch

This is a social network that focuses on live-streaming videos-it was started as a platform for live streaming gameplays. It has more than 25 million daily visits with hosts from close to 40000 partners. Why would people live stream and try to get Twitch followers? Why do viewers watch the live streams?

Now, with more than a third of your time already spent at the workplace, where do you find time to entertain yourself? As human beings, we usually want to connect with those with whom we share beliefs-those with similar interests. I usually view live streams as a way of entertainment, to learn about a new skill, and to engage in live chats with others.

Do you want to witness highly-skilled players approach a game? Do you want to dissect these strategies with others? Live Streaming just provides you with the experience you need. You not only connect with like-minded people but also have a learning experience

 Twitch has exponentially grown in the last few years to establish itself as a powerhouse of not only gaming but live streaming as a whole. You want to strategize before getting into the platform because just as important as creating the live streams is getting the audience.

2. YouTube

This is the biggest video-based social media platform. As a YouTube streamer, you get to earn revenue through advertisements. Moreover, your revenues increase with an increase in the number of your subscribers. If you specialize in YouTube gaming, for instance, you can also earn from Super chat once their gaming level is at per.

Through the chart window, fans can also interact with fellow fans. Compared to twitch which is mainly known for gaming, YouTube offers more than just gaming. There is commentary on the gaming industry, comedy and even views on current events. Are you a sucker for pop culture? You want to prioritize YouTube over other social media platforms as it provides more than you expect.

3. Facebook

Just as in other live-streaming platforms, Facebook allows its users to stream gameplays and watch other gamers' streams. Moreover, you can also subscribe to the channel. While at it, remember marketing your brand is core to live streaming.

Have you used any live streaming platform before? How did you support your favorite streamer? With Facebook, you get to connect with your favorite streamer on another level-you donate stars to them. Each star costs around $0.01.Though it takes several stars to earn real cash, this is a great way of supporting your streamer. Have you imagined how much it takes to do a Livestream? These streamers have decided to shoulder all that cost just to entertain you. You don't want to take that in stride. You want to give them a star and how do you do that? Facebook streaming is the way.

4. Vimeo

This is more similar to YouTube. It hosts services for sharing different types of videos. Even so, you want to know which channel you are using because some are only focused on gaming. Here, you can start with a free account then upgrade to a paid one later. With a free account, you can share 500 MB of data weekly. This is more than enough for a starter, right? More than sharing your video content, you can also launch a subscription service. Do you want to earn from your videos without necessarily depending on Google AdSense revenue? Dive into Vimeo and start earning today!

These platforms are not the same- some offer unique services or the quality of their features cannot be found on other platforms. New platforms are being created daily. These are just  a few of the live streaming platforms, you want to familiarize yourself with more to know which one best suits you.

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