What is 123Movie and 21 best alternatives of it?

123Movies has been providing some great video content whether it is movies or TV series. 123Movies is a great video streaming website with some quality content which you find on other video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar- that too free of cost. Yes, 123Movies are on the internet with several names and it is just because some countries have blocked them due to copyright issues. Still, these websites post content without any license and give users millions of video content to enjoy. There are many URLs of 123Movies including

- https://123moviespad.com/, - https://ww3.123movieshub.film/, - https://123moviesc.co/, - https://moviesolar.com/, - https://123moviesgohd.com/, - https://www.123moviesfree.ws/, - https://www.123movies.com.

What makes 123Movies so special?

When it comes to video streaming online, one might not want to spend huge money monthly on Netflix subscription and rather download the content for free. So, 123Movies even gets it one step ahead with providing the   same experience online for free. Not only 123Movies has become popular, but it has also given some quality user experience to the users. If one site is blocked, you can switch any other website which is pretty cool. You never lose access to these websites and free video streaming. You get everything- from Game of Thrones to The Big Bang Theory, from Lord of the Rings to Avengers: Infinity War and that too in pure HD quality.

How does this illegal business still rocks?

123Movies is cunningly doing its business under the hood without giving any nits and grits to its users. The websites of 123Movies contain many ads- from many I mean- tons of ads- from banners to pictures. Yes, many ads can be removed but some of them can't be blocked or removed. As these websites are illegal in the sense that they have no license, so they can shift or redirect you to other servers to give you the same experience. 123movies straight away takes the content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and others and give it to users who want to see that for free- Robinhood stuff- steal from riches, give to poor. Cam rips and Netflix.

Is it legal to watch content from 123Movies?

See, we get it that it is not legal to run websites like this. They get copyright claims, are shut down by the countries LAW and what not. But, is it legal to watch from illegal websites? As per law, it is not legal. We only let them earn money from the usage we do on their websites and that's why they expand their reach. It means we also have a hand in their illegal business indirectly as the consumers by buying their product. But, the thing is if one country band these kinds of websites, users go to the other websites of other countries and access all the stuff.

Download from 123Movies

As I said, using such websites is not safe and is illegal too. And, the same thing goes downloading the content from these websites. Yes, no serious actions by the cops have been taken against the ones who are using these sites. So, you can be fearless to download stuff from these websites. But, downloading video content from these websites is not that easy- really confusing. Talking about safety, these websites are not safe, period! Your laptop or PC can get in touch with any malware activity or virus content. It has been noticed that whenever you try to download anything from these websites, your laptop's access goes to them and they can do whatever they want. And. you won't even notice that the access has gone to them.

Download 123Movies for Android

You can also get access to the app of 123Movies and watch the video on a phone as you watch on your Netflix app. Uptodown.com and Apkpure.com are two sites from where you can download 123movie app and enjoy your binge-watching experience.

Download 123Movies for iOS

iOS devices are known to be the most secured ones. But, still, 123Movies provide their app under the name of 123play which can be easily downloaded from Apple App Store. Also, you can go to https://123movies-online-ios and download the app which is around 7MB of size.

What is 123Movies Unblocked?

In the current times, you can easily get everything on your doorstep- from watching movies laying back on your couch to doing anything on your smartphone. You don't want to go to cinemas for movies and stand in long lines for tickets. But, nowadays, you want it all on your phone online- just like what Netflix and Hulu are doing for many years now.

123Movies is just the place for you which provides some of the best episodes from TV series and some great movies. Though many countries have blocked this website, still you can go to the unblocked versions of 123Movies and enjoy your movie time experience.

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Keep your system safe

I have already said that these kinds of websites are filled with malicious content and you must be very careful while accessing these websites. So, having an activated antivirus might help you a lot and keep your system secure from the malware. So, if you are very concerned about your data, then protect yourself with some super safe antivirus or try switching to Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu.

Best 21 Alternate Websites

1. GoMovies

URL: https://www.gomovies.ink/

GoMovies is one of the best video streaming websites which comes in best 10 alternate Websites segment. Just like 123Movies, you get some high-quality content at this website too. You can enter the website with free sign up and get access to your favorite movies for free. You can see your favorite movies at 1080P high definition quality from the millions of movies it offers. From Action, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery to Adventure, you get a rich bandwidth of choices for watching movies.

2. ZMovies

URL: https://zmovies.cc/

ZMovies provide some of the best Hollywood movies and TV serials on the platform. For TV Series, you get redirected to another URL i.e https://m4ufree.sx/series and from there, you can watch your favorite episode of your preferred TV Series. You can choose the TV Series or Movies from their genre, the release of the year, Biography, etc. You get movies from any other server because this website does not have its own servers- so you most likely watch movies on the third-party server.

3. TinklePad

URL: https://tinklepad.cc

TinklePad is a great alternative to the 123Movies and is gaining popularity- all thanks to the video quality of the movies and TV Series it provides. You can get your favorite movie by selecting them according to their years and genre. The servers are third-party and you get to watch movies form the third-party storage platform. Although, everything is not in the third party servers. Not only you watch the movies or TV Series but download them too.

4. PrimeWire

URL: http://www.primewire.ag

Prime Wire is a good alternative to the 123Movies. This website has a huge collection of Hollywood movies and TV Series too.  The website is banned in some of the countries due to some licensing issues. And, the platform does not store the videos on their server too- just like above too mentioned sites. So, you get redirected third-party links and watch movies. Problem with this website is that sometimes you are directed to some porn websites which will ruin your day at times. So, if you got kids and family with you, please don't watch movies on this website.

5. Niter Movies

URL: https://niter-movies.com

Niter Movies is another video streaming website network which is updated with all the latest movies in the market. Firstly, you have to sign up to access the content and watch the movies which are stored only on their server. Although, the website never faced any copyright or DMCA issues. Also, you can share the videos through social media links on the website. You can search movies according to their genres or release years and sit on the couch and get some great movie watching experience.

6. Vumoo

URL: http://vumoo.to/

Vumoo does not keep its files on its server and still, you get a big and quality collection of movies and TV series on this website. You get directed to another website- mainly to the path where the admin has the full rights to show you the movies or TV series. If any law seizes you or any copyright drops on you, this website doesn't take any responsibility or any liability. There is no need to sign up- just go to the movie and watch it- easy as it gets.

7. Solar Movie

URL: https://solarmovies.pl/solarmovie.html

Solar Movie is another nice platform to watch free video content just like you get to do on 123Movies. It is a very popular website and by creating your account, you can get access to some of the best movies of Hollywood. Not only that, you get access to many TV Series and Hollywood movies which you can watch on the weekends- I mean binge-watch. You can request the website owners to provide you with the video stuff you want to watch.

8. Movie4uh

URL: https://movie4u.live/

Movie4u comes with a huge collection of Hindi Dubbed movies and all the movie thumbnails are having star rating which makes easy for you to decide what movie to watch. From Top IMDb movies to TV shows, you get to watch everything. You can also search for the movies in the search bar.  Although, there are many advertisements which run on the top and bottom of the website. Also, the website has been blocked in many countries.

9. CMovies

URL: https://www1.cmovieshd.bz/

Cmovies is a great alternative to the 123Movies where you can categorize your movies by Genre, Country, TV-series, and top IMDb. You can also give comments about how your experience was on this website. You can also check the details of Director, Actor, Actress, Duration of the movie, and release date. You can download the movie or watch it online. Also, no sign up is needed to watch the movies.

10. Yes Movies

URL: https://www1.yesmovies.gg/

When you go to the movie thumbnail, you get to see the details of the movie. So, it becomes easy to search the movies, you can watch the movies according to the actors and directors.  The movies redirect on different URLs and take you to other websites and also doesn't take you to the place where the content looking for. You might redirect to vulgar content sometimes. So, if you want to get to the right URL, then type yes movies on Google and try one by one.

11. Movie25.me

URL: http://www.movie25.me

This website is an affiliate website of 123Movies which is also a great alternative of 123Movies. Whenever you click on the image of the movie, so it will redirect to another website like 5movies.tv and 123movies. So, the website doesn't have anything of its own and you must have ad blocker to block the advertisements. But, the linking is really muddled. SO, don't try to go this website- really confusing but good collection of movies.

12. FMovies

URL: https://fmovies.cab

You can select the movies from genres, release year, TV Series and watch. Though the website doesn't look too good and is muddled very much, still the patience of any user can take you to the right movie. The old URL has been shifted to a new version as the old version takes you to porn content sometimes.

13. YoMovies

URL: https://yo-movies.com/

The video content on this website is amazing and is a great alternative to 123Movies. The website has become popular in recent times. The website directs you to sites like asuptobox.com, openload.co, indiashare.me, uppit.com, bdupload.info, clicknupload.org and multiup.org, etc. The website not only has a huge collection of Bollywood movies but also Hollywood movies. You can watch the dubbed movies of Tollywood in Hindi too.  You have the option to select that where you are watching the content- on a tablet or on PC- so, it will redirect to such content only.

14. WatchFree

URL: https://watch-free.me/

This link will take you to http/1watchfree.me s: /

This website is a nice alternative to 123Movies when it comes to a good set of HD movies and the latest too. You can watch different genres at one place from adventure, spy to thriller and without any break. The website is really smooth and UI is clean. For kids, there is a huge collection of watch cartoon Online shows too. No sign up needed and just go to the website and enjoy your favorite movies. 

15. BMovies

URL: https://bmovies.nl

B Movies is a great website to go to and watch free movies- from US movies, Korean, Chinese, Taiwan to UK movies. After opening this website, the link takes you another website. So, click on to an old version of the movie link which will take you to the right path. You can watch movies of different genres including Action movies, historical movies, horror movies, thriller movies, and science-fiction movies. You can also visit the link https://bmovies.nl/bmovies.to. After going to the website to watch the movies, you can also opt for the premium version which is without any ad.

16. Crackle

URL: http://www.crackle.com

Crackle is a huge website which is very popular in the world. But, in some countries, it has no license to work. It has also a premium version available with no ads. But, the free version is also good to visit. So, if you want to download the content, you might have to create an account and fill in your personal details. You can get popular old movies, TV series to everything and lay back on weekends and enjoy.

17. Putlockers

URL: https://www.putlockers.me

Putlockers provides free movies at its platform but you need to sign up. So, if you are the visitor working on the website for the first time, you will be asked to download the Chrome extension and get the best experience out of this website. From Asian movies, Thailand, India, France, Hongkong, Japan, United Kingdon, and Korean movies, you get everything at the PutLocker. You can also mark some of the movies as favorites. Putlocker does not store any content on their servers too.

18. Gostream

URL: https://gostream.site

Gostream is a recommended website with no puzzles and ads on the website. You can easily find “Watch now” and “Download” option which makes the download selection easy. You can easily watch movies on this website. You can select the movies from Genre, Director, Actors name and country of production. There are also social media links like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc. so that you can share the movies.

19. Couch Tuner

URL: https://2mycouchtuner.one/

Also: https://1mycouchtuner.xyz

CouchTuner is another good alternative to 123Movies. It is one of the best alternatives too. The UI and UX of this website are amazing too and you might like it. You will be asked to download the extension at Google Chrome if you access the website for the first time. The video streaming website is really great and the site does not host any content on its server. But, still, this website rocks like a rock band. Couch Tuner has been very popular among the movie audience and they always tend to offer the latest movies and TV Shows in very less time.

20. PureFlix

URL: https://pureflix.com/

PureFlix is basically a website for which you have to pay some bucks. You have to take a subscription and it also offers a one-month free trial. It is a great platform just like Netflix and Hulu and shows some good content without any ads. The content and movies are nestled on its server and have all the legal permissions to broadcast the movies. It also offers some gift memberships and other discounts. So, if you are a movie lover and want cheaply subscribed movie watching experience, PureFlix is just the place to go.

21. RainierLand

URL: https://rainierland.is/

Rainierland is a very popular video streaming website with some of the great movies and TV Series. The website is free but contains many ads. The URL too is not working in some of the countries but still if you type "Rainierland" on the search engine, you will find contents of Rainierland on different URL. And, if you visit the website for the first time, then a third party website will force you to add an extension and get a smooth experience.

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