Why are Gamers Still Obsessed with GTA 5?

Why are Gamers Still Obsessed with GTA 5?

GTA 5, despite being released 8 years ago, is still played by tens of thousands of players every day. To date, GTA 5 has sold over 135 million copies around the world, which actually makes the player-base seven times bigger than the population of the LS, that it is based on.

But what makes this game so popular even after all these years and with so many other Triple-A titles out there? Let’s find out.


Epic’s Free Giveaway

In 2020, according to the Rockstar, GTA was able to breaks its own record for the most active players in a month. Pandemic might have played a huge role in that but more importantly, Epic Games Store’s free PC release on May definitely skyrocketed the downloads, bringing in hundreds of thousands of new players, which in turn, tempted the old players to dust off their old GTA accounts to join the action. Although, the exact number wasn’t given out by Rockstar, but according to an estimate, the number of people playing on Steam crossed over 260,000 players as of February, which is huge!


GTA 5 Next-Gen Re-release

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Rockstar is releasing, or let me re-phrase that for you, re-releasing the title for the third console generation, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. But this just confirms how popular the game from 2013 still is and how confident Rockstar is about this re-release.

Not to mention that GTA 5 already claims the title to be the most profitable game or even media product ever sold, with revenue well over $6 Billion! And that is not even the end of it, crazy right?


Stellar Single-Player Experience

The story mode in GTA 5 is absolutely amazing with three different playable characters, something that’s rarely found in any other game of this scale. You also get to complete tons of missions that perfectly fits the larger narrative of the game but Rockstar, also lets you do side quests, so you don’t get bored or overwhelmed with the main quest.

 The story mode alone could give you at-least 30 hours of intense, fun and totally immersive gameplay. This game actually is a perfect escape from reality for many, and with a scope as huge in a game as GTA 5, it’s hard not to get lost in it.


GTA Online

Single-player story mode, without any doubt is amazing but that’s not even close to reason why so many people are still playing the game but it’s the online multiplayer experience that forces them to keep playing the game for so long. Rockstar seems to be fully committed to GTA online with the frequent updates that always brings something fun and interesting for the players to look forward to and so far its working like a charm.

It has a massive player-base with tons of interesting missions to earn money and fun game-modes that could keep you hooked for hours. If you haven’t played this game, (which I highly doubt) you might not have realized just how many updates have been added to it recently. There’s always something new for the players to try and these new updates also bring some fresh and updated content be it heists, racing, PvP missions and everything you could possibly think of.

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