Check when you buy online water purifier - Make Sure You Know All Important Details

Pollution has been increasing day by day. Earlier people used to love to go to parks and gardens for a walk but in today’s environment people feel battered if they go to a park or a garden. Pollution has taken a hit everywhere whether it is air or water. Water is already in scarcity and not all water that is available is pure and safe. Water is a necessity for everyone and if this is not available in abundance and in good quality then we can be exposed to many other health problems.

How to decide when buy online water purifier?

After the problem of water increased a useful and most helpful invention was done and its name was water purifier. Water air purifier is a device that helps in separating the harmful particles from the water. It assures a safe drinking water and makes the water usable for many other day to day purposes. People usually get confused and feel like a scatterbrained person when they try to understand the process of water purification in a water purifier. The process is not that difficult and can be understood by any layman. The purification process is called a reversed osmosis process. There is a semi porous membrane that allows water to pass through and leave all the impurities behind. The membrane attracts all the impurities that are present in the water and keep the purified water flow away. That’s why the water we take out from the purifier is in its purest form and is ready to be drink or used straight away. But it doesn’t mean that the purifier is perfect and don’t suffer from any limitations.

Some Major Disadvantages which helps in deciding when buy online water purifier:

  • While removing the toxic and unwanted components from water it also removes some essential minerals that are present in water. These minerals are necessary for human body and their deficiency can cause other problems as well.
  • There are many companies that are dealing in selling of water purifiers but many companies don’t have a good quality water purifier and there is no effective purification of water. This makes it a difficult situation for customers and they feel confused as to which purifier they should buy.
  • The purification process also reduces/ decrease the pH level in water. pH is the acronym used for potential of hydrogen. During the whole process the carbon dioxide (CO2) combines with hydroxide (OH negative) to form ions of bicarbonate. This makes the water acidic and less fit for consumption.

One can also buy online water purifier. There are many companies that have a website and people can buy from there.  Although the minerals that are essential for the body also gets vanished in this process of purification but still there will not be any deficiency of these minerals as these minerals can be acquired from food as well. Also excess of even the minerals in the body is not good for health. In the process of purification simply purifying the water with the help of semi-porous membrane is not enough so to complete the process and make it more useful and safe UV technique is also used. This technique has also helped in solving the problem of pH level of water.

Points about range of pH level of water when buy online water purifier?

  • pH level in the range of 3-6: This range is considered to be acidic in nature. Example includes all kinds of soft drinks and coffee that contains this range of pH level.
  • pH level of 7: This is considered to be in the category of neutral and we can’t say anything about this level. It is neither healthy nor acidic.
  • pH level of 8-11: This range of pH level is known as alkaline. This is a healthy level and is present in many foods. It provides energy in human body.

There are some of the possible side effects that may happen by consuming water from purifier. Some of them are:

  • As said earlier there are many minerals that are essential for the human body. There are some minerals that are only present in water and essential for body. Due to this purification process those minerals gets vanished and they can’t be acquired from food or drinks. There deficiency is bad for humans.
  • Deficiency of calcium and even magnesium is common with the consumption of water of from purifier. The deficiency of these elements can cause many diseases like vascular pain, instant death of infants, weakness during pregnancy.
  • According to experts the deficiency of calcium in water can make the bones of children get easily fractured. Also premature death of children or an infant can also happen. Other than this some severe problems like cancer can also be caused by deficiencies in water.

Even after these strong points on the disadvantages people still use the water purifier and now these limitations and taken care of and many companies are looking out for a perfect solution for this. Moreover the water that comes from purifier is safe to drink and use and is far better than the normal tap water that comes in your house. There are many companies that are getting into the business of making and selling water purifiers but the best one need to be judged by people on their personal use. People can refer to the reviews of other users for different purifiers and make a wise decision. There is also a water purifier toll free number that people can call on and ask for service of the water purifier. Even if you want to ask for any details you can call there for all the queries. Other than that water purifier has helped in making the life easy and healthy. The water that comes in the taps is not suitable for drinking purpose or even cooking purpose so if the tap water is consumed it will lead to exposure to many serious diseases and making the immune system. So choose wisely and make a good choice which will help you in deciding about when buy online water purifier.

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