Transportation and Logistics Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Nowadays, businesses are relying highly on logistics and transportation mobile app development sectors. The reason is the implementation of smartphones and various applications, which are used by consumers. So, if you want to make the most out of your logistics and transport services, developing an app for mobile devices will be a smart choice. But, in order to select a proper agency to build the apps, you should be aware of different logistics and transportation mobile app development cost and features. 

This will help to understand the classification of logistics and transportation apps available in the market. Also, you can select the app for your business or personal use, which can offer the maximum features at an affordable rate.

What are the Types of Transportation and Logistics Mobile  App You Can Choose From?

If you search the market, you will find different types of apps for transportation and logistics development for companies as well as individuals. But, always research about the technical background of the apps before implementing them for your business. 

  • Logistics On-demand Apps

This type of application deals with the demands of the consumers and delivering them as soon as possible. It also enables the app users to pick up their time of convenience and avail the services. With such apps, you can always remain connected to your clients and track down the service progress. Basically, this is a kind of B2C mobile application, where customers can book a wide range of transportation services. 

  • Forwarding and Tracking Apps

If your business deals with live tracking and other delivery related operations, using this tool can be beneficial. It allows the owners to trace down the fleet as well as the location of the Driver by following a few simple steps. With the utilization of this application, you can fetch real-time updates on the ongoing activities. This means, whenever there is any necessity to get information about the routes taken to deliver the products, this logistics and transportation app can work wonders. By using this app, you can build the trust factor among your consumers and provide them live tracking details on good’s deliveries. This is also the type of mobile app, which can be utilized by both consumers as well as business owners. 

  • Fleet Management Apps

In order to record all fleet-related data for your transport business, a fleet management app can always be the right choice. You can use this application for recording information about the vehicles, which are delivering the products. This app allows the user to assign tasks involving multiple modes for transportation using a common interface. Hence, by making use of such apps, you can manage the drivers and the delivery features at the same time. 

  • Apps for Warehouse Solutions

With the integration of data warehouse applications, you can simply store huge and complex data. This type of apps works well when you have to provide timely deliveries without any delay. Hence, you can use such an app for tracking down frequently transported goods. It can also help to transport businesses for meeting the delivery schedules on a timely basis.                                                                      

  • All-Purpose Transportation Apps

This specific type of application provides features and benefits of all kinds of logistics and transport mobile apps. Hence, you can develop this kind of app and keep a track of drivers, routes, customers, ongoing orders, canceled orders, and other transportation details.  

List of Beneficial Feature of Logistics App: 

Alongside the development of transportation based mobile apps, logistics applications are also important. Hence, if you want to include a logistics app, know about its top features. So, to develop a logistics and transportation mobile app for the consumer community, it should also include some core features of a logistics on-demand application.

  • Early Registration

The very first section in your logistics app should deal with the registration of the users. This is essential in order to enable the consumers for registering their email addresses or social network profiles to proceed. By using this feature, you can appeal to your customers to create their user’s account and sign in to the mobile app. 

  • Vehicle Selection

If your business deals with providing the right mode to transportation to the correct user, offering the feature to select vehicles can be beneficial. Hence, while creating an app for the customer’s panel, you can enable this special feature. Sometimes, the delivery of certain goods is possible only with a specific vehicle. Hence, you can provide this feature to ensure that it meets the requirements for both users and the delivery agencies. 

  • Schedule Booking and Management

If any individual wants to book your services beforehand in order to deal with the chaos, this feature can be useful. Moreover, this will offer your customers to plan their schedule for pickup or delivery of goods. With this feature, your business will be able to manage the scheduled bookings and deliveries easily. If you own a company, where timing is very important, your logistics app should have this specific feature to schedule and manage the bookings. 

  • Notification and Alert

Often, many transport and logistics based business aren’t preferred by consumers who want instant alerts and notifications regarding the activities. This is why you should invest in this feature to ensure that your users can obtain correct shipment tracking information. Besides, they will also receive timely messages or email alerts about the shipping, delivering, and other delay related details, if necessary. 

  • Payments and Billing

Your app should consist of this section where all the information about transaction and invoices will be present. This feature can provide instant details about the money related aspects of the transportation business. 

The customer's panels in a mobile app for logistics and transport also comprises of various other features. This can include feedback collection for the driver as well as the delivered products. You can also provide the feature of estimating the cost of delivering items from one place to another. This is especially useful when you want to estimate the fare of transporting goods by analyzing the route map. Along with this, you can also ask for the quotation system to know about the overall cost for pick up or delivery services. 

How Much Investment is required in Logistics and Transportation Mobile App Development?

If you own a business that deals with transport and logistics, the cost of mobile app development will depend upon the list of features and hours of usage. For owners in developed countries, the price for developing applications is between $200 to $600 ranges. However, if you want to select the services from some specific geographic location, the cost of development can be a bit cheaper than this. But, the estimated investment for on-demand logistics mobile applications can fall between $200-$500 on an hourly basis. 

Now, if you consider logistics management software Development and transportation mobile app development from a developing country, the overall cost can be comparatively cheaper. According to market research, hiring the app developers from these countries can start from $20-$30 per hour. However, the entire package for a single platform like Android or iOS can cost between $10,000-$30,000 approximately

  • 1. What Features you can select to develop a Logistics and Transportation Mobile app for Admin Panel?

If you want to develop the app keeping in mind about the requirements for the business admin, it should comprise a few specific features. Hence, make sure that the app has a dashboard, push notification, driver’s on-road activities, billing, and vehicle management details. 

  • 2. While Developing Logistics App for Business, which additional features can give an Extra Edge over Rivals?

As businesses are becoming competitive with each passing day, owners are including customized features in logistics and transportation mobile app. So, if you want to utilize most of the benefits of this app and keep your business on top, you should consider a few additional features. This can include in-app chat, GPS, support for multilingual users, business analytics, driver and vehicle tracking and more. 

  • 3. What is the Role of Cloud Operations to Develop Mobile App for Transport and Logistics?

As the entire development for logistics and transportation mobile app involves a huge amount of data, storage can be an issue. This is why experts suggest storing this huge amount of data by means of cloud technology. Once, you load your project into cloud operations, you can access the details from any location. According to market research, investing in cloud operations for mobile app development can reduce the overall operational costs. Also, it can increase the revenues and profits generated for your transportation and logistics business. 

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